Finding your dream wedding venue

Weddings at Crover House

Finding your dream wedding venue

Weddings at Crover House

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re about to embark on one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process: finding your dream wedding venue. It can be a daunting task, but fear not! There are a few factors to consider that will help you make the right choice: budget, capacity, location, and style. Let’s break them down:


Your wedding budget sets the foundation for everything. Whether it’s big or small, make sure the numbers work for you. If a venue is beyond your budget, it’s best to move on and search for something more affordable.


Start by creating a rough guest list. This doesn’t have to be final; it’s a flexible master list that can change. Categorize guests into an A-list (close family and friends) and a B-list (extended family, colleagues). Determine your minimum venue capacity based on the A-list. If you find a venue that accommodates more, it’s a bonus. Alternatively, consider inviting additional guests for the evening portion of the celebration.


Consider the comfort of your guests when selecting a venue. You might not want to ask them to travel long distances, or perhaps you dream of a destination wedding. Discuss these preferences early on with your loved ones to ensure everyone is on board.

Wedding Venue Style

Now that we’ve covered the practical elements, let’s delve into your wedding venue style. From city hotels to countryside estates, the choices are endless. To make your search easier, we have a list of some of the UK’s dreamiest venues, categorized by type and style. You can filter your search accordingly, whether you’re looking for a castle, industrial space, orangery, woodland setting, or specific wedding style like rustic romance or coastal cool.

But before you dive into the venue search, here are a few tips to find the perfect wedding venue style for you:

Keep your vision in mind

Discuss with your partner how you envision your big day. Share your ideas, non-negotiables, and overall desired vibe. Let these guide you towards a wedding venue style that aligns with your vision. Authentic weddings that reflect your true selves are more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Consider aesthetics

The look and feel of a venue play a significant role in your decision. Each style comes with unique features. For example, country houses often have beautiful gardens and grand reception spaces, while barn venues offer rustic charm and flexibility for personalization. Ensure the venue’s aesthetics match your overall wedding aesthetic, avoiding excessive work or compromises.

Prioritize the guest experience

Think about how you want your guests to experience your wedding day. Consider venues that can offer specific experiences, such as high-end dining or wine tasting. If guests need accommodations, explore venues that allow for extended celebrations and additional events like BBQs or cocktail parties.

Evaluate what’s included

When comparing venues based on price, consider what’s included in the package. Some venues offer all-inclusive services, while others provide a blank canvas for you to create from scratch. Take into account additional costs like furniture, catering, and bar services if you opt for a DIY approach. Sometimes, a different venue style may offer more value for your money.

Remember, the goal is to find a venue that not only fits your budget, capacity, and location requirements but also aligns with your vision and offers a memorable experience for you and your guests. Happy venue hunting!